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Company Introduction

Thermoseal sealing materials are found virtually everywhere fluids or gases have to be safely contained and moved through pipelines and systems. We provide fluid sealing and control products to a broad range of customers, including petrochemical and chemical industries, food, paper, mining, steel, shipbuilding and a variety of both light and heavy industrial manufacturers. And quality is the primary reason companies across North America choose Thermoseal.

Thermoseal Inc. manufactures KLINGERSIL® compressed non-asbestos gasket materials and Sealex® PTFE flange sealant at its Sidney facility which is strategically located in west central Ohio, just off of Interstate 75, one of the nation’s main north/south arteries, and less than 40 miles north of Interstate 70, a major east/west artery. This transportation crossroads enables rapid delivery of our sealing products to our wide network of distributors and fabricators. In addition to our Sidney warehouse, we also maintain significant inventory in local warehouses to serve the Gulf Coast and West Coast areas.

We have a collection of materials to suit most sealing applications. KLINGERSIL® compressed non-asbestos gasket materials have proven their success since their world-wide introduction over 20 years ago. In addition, Thermoseal offers Klinger flexible graphite material, Milam laminated mica sheet, KLINGERtop-chem® top 4 “no-creep" PTFE materials, and Thermoseal® soft-chem® expanded PTFE materials. With global support and research and development facilities, Thermoseal is devoted to develop new grades and styles to meet the challenges of the future and the stringent requirements of emission control.

A dedication to the customer: Thermoseal’s focus on technical excellence and product innovation is only part of the story. Just as important is a strong dedication to the customer and their needs. Because Thermoseal is a tight-knit communications-driven company, customers can count on responsiveness, attention to detail and quality, one-to-one service. Regular on-site visits, telephone and e-mail help Thermoseal specialists stay connected with our customers. In fact, if a customer is experiencing a problem with a gasket’s performance, whether a Thermoseal product or that of a competitor, customer service specialists work quickly to resolve the situation and get that customer back in operation.

At Thermoseal, excellence in customer care includes training and education on all products and their performance in any application. Customers with questions, technical needs or in search of professional advice turn to Thermoseal for a variety of solution-driven support services that include:

  • Thermoseal’s National Factory Training Center: where customers learn the proper materials, selection criteria, installation procedures and other technical information.
  • KLINGER®expert gasket design software program: a Windows-based custom software package that gives the customer the details necessary for a reliable and safe seal connection.
  • Thermoseal’s website: offers a Technical Service Questionnaire for fast answers to gasket applications.

At Thermoseal, customer service is about responding with solutions that keep a customer’s business flowing smoothly.

Through ongoing research, development, service, distribution, and support, Thermoseal is committed to technical excellence in every product, for every customer, every day.

Today, The KLINGER Group of Independent Companies is recognized as a reliable partner for sustainable sealing and fluid control solutions. KLINGER operates 60+ manufacturing, distribution and service hubs in over 40 countries worldwide.