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About Us


Thermoseal is your partner for quality sealing products and solutions. We manufacture and distribute reliable products for industrial and OEM applications. Our knowledgeable team combines excellent know-how and application and engineering expertise to support our customers' and end users' needs.

Thermoseal’s sealing materials are found virtually everywhere fluids or gases have to be safely contained and moved through pipelines and systems. We provide fluid sealing and control products to a broad range of customers, including petrochemical and chemical industries, food, paper, mining, steel, shipbuilding and a variety of both light and heavy industrial manufacturers.

The globally active KLINGER Group, has been working on researching, developing and producing high-quality products for more than 130 years.  And quality is the primary reason companies across North America choose Thermoseal.

Quality Management

Thermoseal Inc. is continuous in our efforts to provide excellence in products and services to assure customer satisfaction. This is achieved through compliance with requirements, and continual improvement of the effectiveness of, the quality management system. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost in our business objectives as we strive to exceed expectations. 
Our commitment to quality is backed by tens of thousands of hours of scientific development, testing, analysis and improvement, along with a level of experience that is unmatched in the industry. Certification to the International Organization for Standardization – ISO 9001:2015 - assures customers that Thermoseal is engaged in continuous improvement and that consistent and correct quality levels are maintained throughout all processes at Thermoseal. In addition, Thermoseal is actively involved in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and ASTM International Standards Worldwide (ASTM).
Download our current ISO Certificates here:

Our Locations

Thermoseal's headquarters is located in the heart of the Midwest in Sidney, Ohio. We have a second manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas.

Thermoseal Inc., A KLINGER Company                      Thermoseal Inc., A KLINGER Company
2350 Campbell Road                                                     3803 S. Sam Houston Parkway W.
Sidney, Ohio 45365                                                       Houston, Texas 77053
Tel: +1 937 498 2222                                                     Tel: +1 713 997 8111
Fax: +1 937 498 4911                                                    Fax: +1 713 997 8222

Our Presence

We maintain membership with and are active in several industry associations: 

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